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      Claiming compensation for an accident in a factory

      If you’ve been hurt in a factory incident while at work, we can help you claim compensation for your injuries. You may also have lost possibly substantial amounts of money in wages – we can help you recover lost earnings, as well as the injury compensation you rightly deserve.

      With empathy and straightforward guidance, we will make an otherwise daunting prospect a stress-free experience, allowing you to focus on the important things while you have time to recover from your injuries and get back to normal life.

      Manual handling injuries and forklift accidents are all too common, and if the correct procedures had been put into place, many could be prevented.

      As an injured worker, you should be entitled to claim compensation for your injuries and the effects they are having on your life. But we know the prospect of trying to get compensation can be such a worry at a time when you’re recovering from your injuries, coming to terms with the trauma of what happened – and maybe trying to get back into the workplace.

      We also understand that you may be suffering from the financial impact of the accident. You may, for instance, be unable to get back to work so you’re not earning a wage. Or you may be back at work but not recovered enough to take on your usual overtime hours, meaning you are missing out financially because of the accident.

      Employer responsibilities

      Work accidents are invariably more likely to happen in a factory environment than in other working environments like offices, shops and farms, because of the use of machinery and other equipment.

      Whether you’re manoeuvring a forklift truck around the factory floor, using cutting equipment or furnaces or carrying heavy objects, there is an increased risk if there are failures in using the correct procedures or where defective or unsafe equipment are being used.

      This is why employers are legally responsible to ensure you and other employees and factory visitors are protected by health and safety rules and regulations.


      They require your employer to ensure that:

      • Those using equipment and machinery in the factory are properly trained and that training is kept up to date.

      • Supervision is adequate and effective.

      • Machinery and equipment are regularly serviced and maintained.

      • Adequate protective equipment and clothing are available when required.

      Most accidents happen because the employer has failed to carry out its health and safety responsibilities. The consequences of such a failure can be very serious which is why the law allows workers injured in factory incidents to claim compensation for their accident.


      Claiming compensation for injuries

      So many things can go wrong in a factory, for example, broken or poorly maintained machines, a missing safety guard, electrical faults and unstable storage of goods. The consequences when things go wrong range from cuts and bruises to blunt force injuries, burns and scalds and more serious injuries such as amputations and head injuries.

      Your injuries may be minor, such as bruising or a broken finger; but factory accidents can be extremely serious causing permanent physical damage.

      All these problems are avoidable if reasonable precautions and proper processes and procedures are implemented. Failures are bound to lead to accidents and injury, in which case the employer should rightly be held accountable.

      We completely understand that the money you receive in the way of compensation cannot undo the physical, mental and financial damage done to you, however, it can go a long way to help you rebuild your life and bring peace of mind. 

      We know your claim is not about money, it’s about ensuring you are put in the best position possible to enable you to get your life back on track. We can never turn the clock back but we can help you look to the future.

      How much compensation can I claim?

      This really depends on the nature of your injuries and how much they are impacting your life.  You may have recovered quickly – or you may be in the unfortunate and difficult situation of facing a long road to recovery where, perhaps, a fair amount of rehabilitation is required.

      The bottom line is – the more serious the injury the more compensation you can claim. That said, your injuries might be on the less serious end of the spectrum yet it could take a long time to recover for various reasons – in which case, your claim could be for a larger amount to reflect the necessary recovery time.

      You can be assured that our advisors are experienced in talking injured factory workers through the nature and impact of their injuries and how they have been affected. You can be absolutely sure of a compassionate conversation with your contact.

      What can I claim for?

      • Personal injury

        A compensation claim can be made for injuries sustained and for pain and suffering.

      • Loss of earnings

        In addition to your normal wages, you may have lost out on potential overtime, bonuses or commission because of your injuries. You can claim for all of these if they relate to the accident.

      • Interim payments

        Interim payments may be available in certain circumstances, your solicitors will advise further.

      • Medical expenses and rehabilitation costs

        This includes things like prescription costs, the cost of buying equipment to help in your rehabilitation, and the cost of private medical treatment if you have to ‘go private’.

      • Travel expenses

        That could be, for instance, taxis or public transport to hospital appointments.

      • Your partner's loss of earnings

        Your partner’s loss of earnings if they’ve had to take time off to care for you.

      • Damaged clothing and personal items

        Sometimes, personal belongings and clothing can be damaged in an accident. You may be able to claim for these too.

      Who will pay my compensation?

      We understand you may be very hesitant to bring a claim because you’re worried about the potential financial impact on your employer. But you need not worry – your claim will be against the employer’s insurance company and not the employer personally.

      The law says employers must have public liability insurance in place precisely to cover legal claims, such as personal injury compensation claims. This means your compensation will be paid out by the insurer under the insurance policy, so your claim will not put your boss out of pocket.

      We're here to help

      Our friendly advisers are compassionate and will give you the confidence you need to be certain each step of your claim is going to be handled by specialist personal injury solicitors.

      Our solicitors offer a no win, no fee service which means you will not have to pay any legal fees unless you win your claim. So, there’s no financial risk to you in speaking with us – and you do not have to make a claim if you decide not to.

      Call us for an initial chat with our compassionate advisers who will take a few details from you and guide you through how to make a claim. You can then leave it at that if you wish – or we can then partner you with the right personal injury lawyer for you. Even then, there is no obligation for you to continue – it is completely your call and you will have nothing to pay.

      Just bear in mind that you should call us as early as you can because you generally only have three years from the date of the injury to make your claim. Call us while events are fresh in your mind as it will make it a lot easier for you.

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      Claiming for an accident - the easy way

      We can help with many different types of personal injury claims, including accidents at work, slip, trip or fall claims, supermarket accidents, repetitive strain injury, accidents in public places and many others.

      There are many different circumstances in which you may be entitled to make a compensation claim. Our nationwide panel of specialist injury lawyers are experienced in all types of personal injury claims and are here to make the process of claiming compensation as simple and straightforward as possible for you.

      Whatever the cause of your accident or injury, our friendly advisors are here to help.

      Find the best injury lawyers for you

      Your claim will be handled by our panel of specialist injury lawyers who are experienced in accident claims like yours. Get fast and free expert advice before you claim.

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